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English-Hindi > laboring" sentence in Hindi

laboring in a sentence

21."It wasn't like I was laboring out there.

22.That means laboring in obscurity _ for the most part.

23.He was laboring and missing shots, but played through the injury.

24.Hooper said of the novel about intrigues and frustrations of laboring abroad.

25.Just now, thousands of migrant workers are laboring to harvest cherries.

26.The absence of Testaverde and Plummer meant two laboring, uncertain teams.

27.She'd lie in her bed laboring to breathe.

28.And the actors seem to be laboring under rigorous constraints.

29.Herren hurt his shoulder at practice 12 days ago and is laboring.

30.Take a good pillow; you may be laboring in the hallway.

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