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English-Hindi > laboring" sentence in Hindi

laboring in a sentence

41.In 1875, hard times really struck the laboring classes of Wyandotte.

42.Evidently the great mass of laboring men failed to comprehend the situation.

43.In 2001 the site was dedicated as the Laboring Sons Memorial Grounds.

44.Therefore, I'm hoping others will take the laboring oar.

45.Economics, yes, but clearly Stinchcomb also is laboring out of love.

46.Experts laboring over the problem have yet to come up with a solution.

47.I didn't feel like I was laboring.

48.The Presidio was built in 1776 by Indian slaves laboring for Spanish masters.

49.They're more concerned with laboring ."

50.Patrick Ewing ( 20 points ) appears to be laboring on sore knees.

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