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English-Hindi > machinist" sentence in Hindi

machinist in a sentence

11.Machinists union officials could not be reached for comment late Friday.

12.Nelson said representatives from Machinists District 142 would be in attendance.

13.But some Machinists were skeptical they would succeed without a strike.

14.American officials expressed confusion about the Machinist union's actions.

15.Machinists pull up chairs next to their managers at the table.

16.Monaco lives in Dunstable and works as a machinist in Newton.

17.Ross represents the machinists union _ the union of sawmill workers.

18.We would welcome help from the flight attendants and the machinists,

19.But the airlines machinists have yet to agree to a deal.

20.Corrects name of International Association of Machinists union in 18th graph)

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