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English-Hindi > machinist" sentence in Hindi

machinist in a sentence

41.Scurvy set in during the second winter and killed a machinist.

42.Halsey was editor of the " American Machinist ".

43.And many pilots, machinists and nonunion workers oppose it.

44.He started as a machinist with Amtrak two weeks before Peters retired.

45.TWA and the Machinists are currently holding work rule negotiations in Washington.

46.The machinists'last strike in 1989 lasted 48 days.

47.The machinists'last strike, in 1989, lasted 48 days.

48.Machinists in Wichita, Kan ., have traditionally made that assembly.

49.Do the Chinese really compete with Boeing's machinists?

50.His father was a machinist on the Santa Fe Railroad.

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