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English-Hindi > machinist" sentence in Hindi

machinist in a sentence

21.Machinists used to set the wage basis for everybody in Seattle.

22.Bekken said the Machinists have been organizing across the United States.

23.Talks between United and machinists are expected to continue this week.

24.The machinists, the most militant union at United, refused.

25.He is a machinist; she works in the music business.

26.The gimmick almost overwhelms the content of " The Machinist ."

27.Many skilled machinists were replaced with untrained employees, she said.

28.Machinist members have not had a pay raise since October 1995.

29.That prize was shared by 13 machinists from Westerville, Ohio.

30.Machinists union : http : / / www . iamaw . org

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