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English-Hindi > naivetes" sentence in Hindi

naivetes in a sentence

11.Now, a month later, she laughs at her naivete.

12.The film's naivete makes up for its rampant predictability.

13.How illuminating you find this depends on your level of naivete.

14.Some conservatives have criticized that attitude as soft-hearted naivete.

15.Her naivete is refreshing in a sport that ages its young.

16.There is a sense of nobility in the naivete of technique.

17.I think my naivete about city government is actually an asset,

18.But she also believes her naivete has worked to her advantage.

19.My success alerted me unwittingly to a journalistic virtue : naivete.

20.Damon projects strength and vulnerability along with naivete and street smarts.

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