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English-Hindi > naivetes" sentence in Hindi

naivetes in a sentence

31.So much for Stone's naivete about the mechanics of government.

32.The golf fiasco hinted at Payne's early clumsiness and naivete.

33."My naivete serves me well, " she says.

34.Naivete notwithstanding, the Templeton Prize got off to a strong start.

35.Ms . McCaughey Ross happily acknowledges her own political naivete.

36.Little did the Times know what ignorance and naivete it had betrayed.

37.I wore my naivete almost as a badge of honor.

38.My own naivete is exactly what parents are going through.

39.Amazingly, this does not come off as faux naivete.

40.Brown's energy was as disarming as his naivete.

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