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English-Hindi > oas" sentence in Hindi

oas in a sentence

11.The OAS is in no position to make such a prediction.

12.The OAS comprises 34 democratic nations in North and South America.

13.Cesar Gaviria, secretary-general of OAS, said Saturday.

14.Cesar Gaviria said in opening the OAS'28th general assembly.

15.Eduardo Stein, head of the OAS mission, said Friday.

16.The OAS said 10 Senate races should have gone to runoffs.

17.All Western Hemisphere nations except Cuba are members of the OAS.

18.OAS : http : / / www . oas . org/

19.OAS : http : / / www . oas . org/

20.Efforts by OAS mediators to resolve the stalemate have been unsuccessful.

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