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English-Hindi > oas" sentence in Hindi

oas in a sentence

21.Reich told reporters at an OAS General Assembly meeting in Barbados.

22.The OAS admits there was an attack on the National Palace.

23.The OAS recently has urged donors to release the frozen aid.

24.Delegates began meeting with OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria late Monday.

25.Caribbean officials urged other OAS members to strongly condemn the shipments.

26.But Powell criticized Haiti for failing to implement the OAS resolution.

27.Chavez told an international forum attended by Gaviria and OAS delegates.

28.OAS special representative David Lee said at a news conference Friday.

29.In April 1962 the OAS leader, Raoul Salan was captured.

30.;1962 : Jews flee Algeria as result of OAS violence.

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