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English-Hindi > oas" sentence in Hindi

oas in a sentence

41.But Inglewood and Carson are hardly urban oases of tranquillity.

42.The appeal before the OAS could take from two to seven years,

43.OAS rights recommendations are nonbinding, but carry moral weight.

44.There are fewer and fewer oases of silence in our noisy world,

45.Nevertheless, the OAS accepted Alberto Fujimori's re-election.

46.Ruben Perina, chief of the OAS mission here, said Saturday.

47.-- strengthening human rights through a semi-permanent OAS commission;

48.There are no island oases along the way to restock the larder.

49.In short, the OAS is just a paper tiger.

50.Gaviria said the OAS would review any legitimate electoral complaint.

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