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English-Hindi > oas" sentence in Hindi

oas in a sentence

31.An OAS mission was sent to deal with the political crisis.

32.There is a restaurant located in the atrium, The Oases.

33.OAS is an emerging term with fluid use across MBS finance.

34.Berber languages are also spoken in some oases, including Tuareg.

35.Communication between the CAs and the OAs wasn't good.

36.KNOT is a joint venture between fleet from Knutsen OAS Shipping.

37.It was so hot, the Culligan man was delivering to oases.

38.Other traditional New Year's Eve oases are filling up fast.

39.ANS stories are not simply soothing oases in troubled times.

40.Oasis Stores Plc ( OAS ) fell 8p to 127.

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