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English-Hindi > quaintness" sentence in Hindi

quaintness in a sentence

11.For all its quaintness, St . Marys is part of mainstream America.

12.For all of its quaintness, we are undoubtedly well rid of it.

13.St Davids Church is popular with weddings due to its quaintness and size.

14.Tree huggers prize mescal's handmade quaintness.

15.Solvang _ Yes, quaintness can be eerie.

16.There is a quaintness to Royal Troon, and a warmth in the surroundings.

17.But the accountants and revenue collectors probably didn't care much about quaintness.

18.The thee-and-thou exchanges somehow convey the quaintness of simple animal decency.

19."But it would ruin the quaintness of Katonah, " she added.

20.Quaintness, it seems, is the only thing daring to raise its voice here.

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