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English-Hindi > quaintness" sentence in Hindi

quaintness in a sentence

41.And there is never any sense of arch intention or any sign of the playwright's coquetting with quaintness ."

42.Through a series of frequently humiliating ribald adventures, Merivel sustains both nostalgic quaintness and the haplessness of a thoroughly modern hero.

43.With 111 guest rooms and 7 guest houses, it is a rambling hodgepodge of a place that aims concertedly at quaintness.

44.Beneath all that village quaintness is the modern convenience of a large underground garage servicing the hotels, condos, and shoppers.

45.And many tourist attractions, like the salaried appearance of old-time farmers, require the artificial ratcheting up of quaintness.

46.It's just going to spoil that country sense of Sedona, that quaintness that's being lost ."

47.Quirks and quaintness aside, what makes Fenway so lovable in its enduring obsolescence is the way it reaches out to the fans.

48.This is still what most people think of when they think of musicals, and there's a stigma of quaintness attached.

49.Certainly quaintness is not a word that springs to mind in describing former national security advisers Henry A . Kissinger or Zbigniew Brzezinski.

50.Its once-scruffy quaintness has been overpowered by development ( even though new designs have been faithful to the plantation look ).

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