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English-Hindi > quaintness

quaintness meaning in Hindi

quaintness sentence in Hindi
1.Once upon a sleepier time, Leixlip was all Irish quaintness.

2.And the hotels lost any of the quaintness they perhaps ever had.

3.It has the harbor, atmosphere, quaintness and lots of shops.

4.Is all this fuss just another example of British quaintness?

5.Ah, yes, residents explain, the quaintness thing.

6.But there's still plenty of Old West-style quaintness.

7.I like the sense of history, the quaintness of New England.

8.Visitors want a quaintness, stylized to fit their enjoyment of flowers.

9.Comforting too is the cozy quaintness of Grisham's little world.

10.Oh, the quaintness of it all . ..

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strangeness as a consequence of being old fashioned; "some words in her dialect had a charming quaintness"

the quality of being quaint and old-fashioned; "she liked the old cottage; its quaintness was appealing"

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