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English-Hindi > quicky" sentence in Hindi

quicky in a sentence

21.In France, Italy, and Canada, he is known as Quicky the Nesquik Bunny.

22.Luzanians also enjoy traveling to Kurdlandia on vacation to get out of the'quickies'areas.

23.Blood tests are easy to do, and experienced doctors will notice the symptons and diagonose quicky.

24.This was one of many " quota quickies " produced by Warner Bros . in the UK.

25.In Spain, there was no mascot prior to the introduction of Quicky in 1990 / 1991.

26.I'm not talking about quickies; I'm talking about real love making with passion.

27.After all, two Court TV-inspired daytime quickies are on death row after their first season.

28.The collective itself quicky fell apart, as most of the utopian projects documented in the show did.

29.The'quickies'also serve to produce material goods necessary to maintain a high standard of living.

30.I guess I was right to put the supposedly quicky and easy " fix " in quotation marks.

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