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English-Hindi > quicky" sentence in Hindi

quicky in a sentence

41.:: From another quicky search, presuming is compatible with 2 inch whereas the USA one is 1 inch.

42."But no business our size, that's changing as quicky as we are, can avoid layoffs.

43.Largely responsible for his own education since he dropped out of school to pursue swimming, Thorpe is a quicky study.

44.Most of the film consists of Gerardo looking for love and finding only quickies, to the consternation of his friends.

45.He was fortunate enough to be hired as an assistant cameraman on " quota quickies " films for several years.

46.From 1928 he took control of Twickenham Studios and became one of the most profolific and successful producers of Quota quickies.

47.Just quicky, I'd like to say that I only recieved training in EMDR less than 2 years ago.

48.In the meantime, however, there's no shortage of paperback quickies to curl up with until the trial begins:

49.The best thing to do is give us a two-tight end look, throw little quickies and sprints all day.

50.Let's say it's a photograph of a beautiful woman but it's too straightforward or too quicky.

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