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English-Hindi > quicky" sentence in Hindi

quicky in a sentence

31.Anthony Mason and Horace Grant exchanged shoves briefly with 2 : 05 left, but order was quicky restored.

32.As the home-video industry has expanded, new producers have rushed in, churning out exploitative quickies.

33.Powell began his career doing " quota quickies " for Britain's film industry in 1931.

34."That's a positive for us if we decide to go with three quickies ."

35.Most of the Quickies are based on a Sunday comic strip, and some on a daily comic strip.

36.These were overwhelmingly minor roles, many in quota quickies and The Winslow Boy " ( 1948 ).

37.I was perusing for fun the list of pending articles; if someone is looking for quickies, enjoy.

38.During the 1930s film boom it was re-opened and used to produce a number of quota quickies.

39.Once they reached the crash site, Rock Eicke and the constable quicky realized there was little they could do.

40.He churned out adult video quickies, shooting over 200 hardcore videos, with a special emphasis on anal sex.

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