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English-Hindi > reversionary" sentence in Hindi

reversionary in a sentence

1.Reversionary mode laying uses deflection laying via the direct fire sight.

2.During the 17th century reversionary grants of the office were sometimes made.

3.Beneficiaries are persons receiving a survivor benefit or reversionary annuity.

4.Once a reversionary bonus is added it cannot be removed from the policy.

5.Traded the reversionary rights to RHP John LeRoy to Sioux City for future considerations.

6.Reversionary flying instruments, lit by LEDs, are located under a hinged right glareshield.

7.He also obtained a reversionary interest in the keepership of Folly Park in Windsor Forest.

8.The basic sum assured attracts reversionary bonuses which are used to distribute profits to the policy.

9.Equivalent Yield lies somewhere in between the initial yield and reversionary yield, it encapsulates the IRR.

10.Three years ago, opponents of the project contacted the National Association of Reversionary Property Owners for advice.

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