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English-Hindi > reversionary" sentence in Hindi

reversionary in a sentence

11.No distinction seems to have been drawn between the sale of an immediate and of a reversionary interest.

12.That feature is only used for relatively short times during reversionary modes ( less than 30 minutes ).

13.The difference between the in-place rent and the ERV is the reversionary value of the property.

14.Finally, a marriage pact with a reversionary clause was agreed upon, like that made with William.

15.Traded OF Doug Hall to New Jersey for C Gregg Maluchnik and the reversionary rights to OF Jason Herrick.

16.The Garmin G1000 system offers a reversionary mode that will present all of the primary flight instrumentation on the remaining display.

17.It also includes reversionary modes ( what to do when the uplink communication from the ground control station is lost ).

18.However, it is usually prudent to include in a QPRT a contingent reversionary interest during the retained term of the trust.

19.After her death, son of her uncle, Maharaja Sir G . N . Gajapthi Rao garu became the reversionary heir.

20.After her death, son of her uncle, Maharaja Sir G . N . Gajapathi Rao garu became the reversionary heir.

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