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English-Hindi > reversionary" sentence in Hindi

reversionary in a sentence

41.William Mounier Yeo, as stated in his will, owned a reversionary interest in lands in Fremington and Barnstaple during the life of his aunt Mrs Agnes Roche.

42.Normally they focus on purchasing reversionary ground rents, either for initial income or for the opportunity of a reversion of the underlying property at some point in the future.

43.It would repeal as well the reversionary interest of the United States in the property if the state of Wyoming uses it for any other purpose or develops the property.

44.An reversionary rights to the family's ancestral seat, Carton House, near Maynooth in County Kildare, not expecting that he would inherit the property and the title.

45.The ship returned home in a reversionary propulsion mode and was repaired in Portsmouth dockyard, returning to the South Atlantic in August 1982, after the end of the war.

46.It contains an extensive synthesis of previous work on the subject, from Halley's mortality table to Richard Price's " Observations on reversionary payments ".

47.H . R . 3366 would require the Bureau of Land Management ( BLM ) to convey a reversionary interest in about 290 acres of land to the State of Oregon.

48.Coghlan called on Britain's Colonial Secretary, Leopold Amery to give the North entirely to the South or at least the reversionary right to it but Amery refused this request.

49.In May 1646 he received his discharge and on again joining the king received the reversionary grant of the office of Governor of the Island of Guernsey and Captain of Cornet Castle.

50.The duty to apportion is, in practice, nearly always excluded in any professionally drafted will, both in respect of income from unauthorised securities and in respect of reversionary interests.

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