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English-Hindi > reversionary" sentence in Hindi

reversionary in a sentence

31.Clerical Medical acquired the General Reversionary and Investment Company in 1913, and in 1920 a merger with The Employers Liability Assurance Corporation took place.

32.The settlement excluded any reversionary rights that might become due for the benefit of either her or her heirs if such rights were to become enacted.

33.If the grantor dies during the retained term, the residence is included in the grantor s estate whether or not there is a reversionary interest.

34.This is known as reversionary mode, a condition in which both screens combine all the standard PFD information with a number of key MFD functions.

35.However, the Government of Gibraltar has pointed out at the UN that Article 103 of the UN Charter overrules and annuls this " reversionary clause ".

36.In 1642, on the death of Power, he became "'Viscount Valentia "'according to the reversionary grant given in 1622.

37.The reversionary income is the current Estimated Rental Value ( ERV ) inflated by an appropriate annual growth factor ( or CAGR-Compound Annual Growth Rate ).

38.This 264, 000 sq ft ( 24, 500 sqm ) property currently attracts an income of ?0.8m per annum, reflecting a reversionary rent.

39.Fitzgerald had previously sold Mallaby-Deeley his reversionary rights to the estate for a notional consideration, not expecting, as a younger son, to inherit.

40.For example, with passing rent of $ 160, 000, and an ERV of $ 200, 000, the property is $ 40, 000 reversionary.

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