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English-Hindi > vacationer" sentence in Hindi

vacationer in a sentence

11.Coastline villagers reported a sharp drop in the number of vacationers.

12.EU citizens accounted for 89 percent of vacationers in the Union.

13.The structure was big enough to house 20, 000 vacationers.

14.The plane had been carrying the vacationers from an offshore island.

15.And there are vacationers out at dachas, or country homes.

16.Conversely, only 7 percent of vacationers in Florida suffered diarrhea.

17.Tens of thousands of vacationers were stranded in islands and mountains.

18.Vacationers can rent the place for three days or three weeks.

19.Most of the dead were foreign vacationers, including 88 Australians.

20.He could be out studying vacationers, or simply running errands.

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