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English-Hindi > vacationer" sentence in Hindi

vacationer in a sentence

21.Some vacationers were offered full or partial refunds or shipboard credits.

22.Would-be vacationers in France put off their getaway plans.

23.Customers are mainly multi-generational vacationers and small group travelers.

24.The vacationers began to slowly leave Cacouna during the Great Depression.

25.These companies housed vacationers in motels and camps on park concessions.

26.The train was designed to provide service to gamblers and vacationers.

27.The following year, a special edition Commodore Vacationer was offered.

28.These and the many other ones attract many summer cottage vacationers.

29.The line also served vacationers visiting the Waupaca Chain of Lakes.

30.In 1976 he began performing for tourists and vacationers at Nantucket.

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