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English-Hindi > vacationer" sentence in Hindi

vacationer in a sentence

41.A cruise to Antarctica with Marine Expeditions guarantees vacationers a white Christmas.

42.A network of barrier islands define the Atlantic coastline and lure vacationers.

43.As a region, New England has a lot to offer vacationers.

44.That makes the stores more suitable for vacationers who visit just once.

45.Vacationers and even baseball writers can stroll to Harbor Place.

46.The village has attracted vacationers since the late 19th century.

47.This invention is good for vacationers or people who are just busy.

48.Sano said risk is part of all travel _ wherever vacationers go.

49.Skiing and golf are two of the most popular sports for vacationers.

50.Anyway, lecturing vacationers won't make any difference.

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