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English-Hindi > veau" sentence in Hindi

veau in a sentence

21.Don't let that deter you : it's as good as blanquette de veau and as satisfying as a tuna sandwich.

22.He is married and the father of six children, including Douglass C . Mills, Christopher Veau Mills, and Andrew Laughlin Mills.

23.The New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division ( the intermediate appellate court of the state of New York ) denied De Veau relief.

24.Title V of the LMRDA specifically imposed restrictions on union officers, clearly preempting any state action in this area, De Veau said.

25.He took a polite bite of the house specialty cuisses de grenouille and did not spit out his escargots or gargle his ris de veau.

26.In 2003, the Director of the Student Village, Laura De Veau, began publishing a monthly newsletter for residents called " The Villager ".

27.Born in Anse-?Veau, M�nos studied in France and received a doctorate in law there at the age of twenty-two.

28.De Veau had further argued that the passage in 1959 of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act ( LMRDA ) also preempted the interstate compact.

29.The Grand Dining Room at the Windsor offers specialties such as blackened catfish and cote de veau amaretto, open for three meals daily except Sunday night.

30.Since a court of competent jurisdiction ( not the legislature ) had already convicted De Veau, Sec . 8 was clearly not a bill of attainder.

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