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English-Hindi > veau" sentence in Hindi

veau in a sentence

31.Ris et mignon de veau is a more forceful dish of veal and sweetbreads, moistened by their own juices and complemented by a sweet ragout of salsify.

32.Caribou, he noted, is much like venison, and the narwhal tastes like tete de veau, or head of the calf, a popular dish in France.

33."' Blanquette de veau "'( ) is a French veal ragout in which neither the veal nor the butter is browned in the cooking process.

34.Excellent tete de veau ( head cheese ) is elevated by a balsamic vinaigrette and julienned carrots, and tuna tartare is paired with seared tuna and a refreshing seaweed salad.

35.M�phistoph�l�s appears, provides the crowd with wine, and sings a rousing, irreverent song about the Golden Calf ( " Le veau d'or " ).

36.The style, as the restaurant's name suggests, is classic French bistro, and the menu abounds with beloved favorites like blanquette de veau, rillettes, and bouillabaisse.

37.His work was much engraved by the Fragonard during his early days; in Italy his work has also been frequently reproduced by Chatelain, Linard, Le Veau, and others.

38.Numerous songs about Marie Laveau have been recorded, including " Marie La Veau " by Papa Celestin, " Alcide " Slow Drag " Pavageau, became prominent New Orleans jazz musicians.

39.George De Veau, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 1346 of the International Longshoremen's Association ( ILA ), had been convicted of Article One, Section 10 of the Constitution.

40."My friend had brought a copy of " Mastering the Art of French Cooking " with her and we decided to try our hand at making blanquette de veau for dinner one night.

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