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English-Hindi > veau" sentence in Hindi

veau in a sentence

41.From Bois de la Veau on the right, massed machine-gun fire was encountered but the surviving Zouaves, reached the remains of the counterscarp and entered the ruins of the fort.

42.For us, he prepared a meal of refined intensity : multicolored tomato salad with tomato sorbet, tartares of three fish, day-boat scallops with jus de veau and immaculate lamb tenderloin.

43.Just when you might have forgotten how to order frogs'legs or that ris de veau means sweetbreads, French food is sweeping back in, nudging Italian and even Mediterranean out of the limelight.

44.Braising produces dishes like stews, pot roast, coq au vin, blanquette de veau, boeuf en daube, boeuf bourguignonne, moles, Chinese red-cooked chicken, tagines and osso buco.

45.On Thursday, Prime Minister Alain Juppe banned " tete de veau " _ the French delicacy reputed to be President Jacques Chirac's favorite _ because of worries over mad cow disease.

46."Tete de veau " was the latest to fall victim to government measures aimed at protecting the public from the risk of contracting the disease, which has mainly appeared in British herds.

47.Chef Michel Del Burgo's famed " tourte de riz de veau " _ sweetbreads pie _ was axed after the government banned the traditional delicacy made from a cow's thymus.

48.I feel that I am missing something, like being in a restaurant in a foreign country and not knowing exactly what tete de veau is . ( Extremely good shark bait is what it is .)

49._Earlier this month, at L'Anse-a-Veau on the southern peninsula, another candidate with Manigat's party, Rudolphe Pierre, was struck on the head by a rock.

50.The term " escalope " originated in France . originally meaning a shelled nut or mollusk : " veau ?l'escalope " ( veal cooked in the style of an escalope ).

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