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English-Hindi > victimizer" sentence in Hindi

victimizer in a sentence

21.The key reason : bosses who blame the victim and believe the victimizer.

22.And I'm the victimizer according to Xeeron.

23.Military officials said that the workers were forced off the bus by their victimizers.

24.Later films turned gays from victims to victimizers ( " Cruising,"

25.But why should a victim become a victimizer?

26.For all her brass, Leigh's moll is more victim than victimizer.

27.And it goes on all up and down the food chain, victims and victimizers.

28.The commission has heard testimony from the victims of apartheid _ and from their victimizers.

29.Kentridge's drawings and films are allegories of apartheid, of victims and victimizers.

30.Another problem is that few refugees know that they can sue their victimizers at all.

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