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English-Hindi > victimizer" sentence in Hindi

victimizer in a sentence

41.In El Salvador and Honduras, many of the deportees become victims before they can become victimizers.

42.Though a tyrant himself, Fassbinder always identified with victims while being furiously amused and fascinated by victimizers.

43.Wright was a product of the Troubles, a victim of its cyclical violence who became a victimizer.

44.Children are both victims and victimizers, you cannot ( absolve ) them totally from what they do,

45.Researchers who have studied those who carry out such attacks say the victimizers often see themselves as victims.

46.After playing saintly or oppressed characters for many years, this time around, Aunor plays the victimizer.

47.Thus the victimizers are the victims, able to sin without repenting and to escape responsibility for their actions.

48."I can't stand it when the victimizers start acting victimized, " she said.

49.Lee Hak-rae, 72, considers himself a victim of Japan, not a victimizer of others.

50.Adding to the humiliation, the women were ordered to perform household chores for their victimizers, Ryneveld says.

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