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English-Hindi > wristband" sentence in Hindi

wristband in a sentence

11.His mother and eight siblings wear silver wristbands in his honor.

12.Women uncomfortable with the hijab were asked to wear wristbands instead.

13.The wristbands can be purchased at www . wearyellow . com.

14.Studded belts and black wristbands also became associated with emo fashion.

15.The wristbands also included the Dub Sessions remix album and photos.

16.All of these wristbands are made from the same silicone material.

17.The wristband is water-resistant, with a rechargeable battery.

18.Tickets and wristbands are sold to the rides and the games.

19.They give out wristbands to help raise awareness for their cause.

20.He wears a velvet coat with a white collar and wristbands.

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