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English-Hindi > wristband" sentence in Hindi

wristband in a sentence

41.The coach distributed wristbands bearing the letters " BIH ".

42.Clients wear a wristband that emits a silent tracking signal.

43.I read article on the RMIT University findings on Holographic technology wristbands.

44.Shuttle buses are provided for conference registrants and wristband holders.

45.He also wears Starter wristbands, and a white and black bandana.

46.And there's a wristband attachment for joggers.

47.The next, he signed paper helmets and wristbands to a younger patient.

48.The poignant W . W . J . D . wristbands came off.

49."Don't play with your wristband, Nana,"

50.Black bat, wristbands pushed to mid-forearm, black batting gloves.

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