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English-Hindi > wristband" sentence in Hindi

wristband in a sentence

31.Free, but wristband ticket will be required for admission to clubs.

32.The guys on defense wrote 41 points on their undershirts and wristbands.

33.The wristbands also can be purchased at www . laf . org.

34.The story of the man behind the wristband is well-known.

35.The secret of Joseph Estrada's wristband is out.

36.The Cubs star responded by throwing them packs of wristbands.

37.Three repellent wristbands tested didn't work at all.

38.Locker rooms in some waterparks use a microchip equipped wristband.

39.Before the game the umpires made him take off his hospital wristband.

40.Wristbands that entitle patrons to ride all day are available.

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