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English-Hindi > yachting" sentence in Hindi

yachting in a sentence

11.And, so in 1920 the Gulf Yachting Association was born.

12.During the 19th century yachting became a much less exclusive sport.

13.What little spare time remained he devoted to swimming and yachting.

14.From 2000 to 2008-President of the Russian Yachting Federation.

15.Cadillac feels yachting and its cars are a perfect match.

16.In previous Olympics, yachting was not a ticketed event.

17.Bentley travels the globe as a yachting photographer for several European publications.

18.OLY-YAC-NYT _ More yachting from Savannah.

19._Rhode Island : Yachting Capital of the World ( Newport ).

20.Wage costs are hurting the Greek yachting industry as well.

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