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English-Hindi > yachting" sentence in Hindi

yachting in a sentence

41.The British associations that governed yachting completely boycotted the 1980 summer Olympics.

42.She also wrote for the yachting press under the name Peter Gerard.

43.The Marina has been awarded Five Anchors by the Yachting Harbour Association.

44.Charzykowy is famous as the birthplace of Polish inland yachting.

45.The Hamburg Yachting Club was established in the city in 1960 61.

46.His further hobbies included flying, yachting, photography, and gardening.

47.During his later years, Paine took a great interest in yachting.

48.During the eighties, yachting activity on the lake began to wane.

49.In 2005 he was appointed Yachting New Zealand's Olympic Director.

50.This letter stimulated a lively correspondence in the yachting press.

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