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English-Hindi > yachting" sentence in Hindi

yachting in a sentence

21.These brokers are among dozens listed in the September issue of Yachting.

22.The family recorded more than just the world of yachting.

23.Known in yachting circles as " the ancient mariner,"

24.Casino gambling and yachting rank 17th and 20th, respectively.

25.The regatta is the world's premier yachting event.

26.But an international yachting jury ruled in favor of oneAustralia.

27.The Olympic yachting regatta is off to a stormy start.

28.Bad weather struck again Wednesday at the Olympic yachting regatta.

29.Thailand had 13 after winning three of the yachting divisions.

30.International yachting authorities refused to intervene and Australia went on to win.

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