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English-Hindi > yagan" sentence in Hindi

yagan in a sentence

21.Yagan was arrested and sent to Robert Lyon who claimed he was a freedom fighter.

22.During February and March, Yagan was involved in a series of minor conflicts with settlers.

23.Midgegooroo, Yagan and their group immediately moved from their territory north towards the Helena Valley.

24.Travelling with Irwin was Ensign Robert Dale, who had somehow acquired Yagan's head.

25.Nor has the symbolism of its return been lost on the descendants of the enemies of Yagan.

26.Famous Aborigines who resisted British colonisation in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries include Pemulwuy and Yagan.

27.Midgegooroo's land rights passed to his son Yagan, then to his other son Narral.

28.The heads of Yagan and another Aboriginal leader, Carnambaygal, were kept as prize collectors'items.

29.West Australian Premier Richard Court urged Aboriginal groups to unite rather than divide over Yagan's head.

30.As an example of his prowess, Yagan struck a walking stick from a distance of 25 metres.

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