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English-Hindi > yagan

yagan meaning in Hindi

yagan sentence in Hindi
1.Lyon spent many hours with Yagan learning his language and customs.

2.Yagan was named CEO of Match . com in October 2012.

3.Two teen-age bounty hunters shot Yagan dead in July 1833.

4.Still, supporters of Yagan can point to victory on another front.

5.By the 1960s Yagan's head was badly deteriorated.

6.The other group is known as the Yagan wing, the statement said.

7.Yagan is thought to have been born around 1795.

8.Yagan was probably a " Ballaroke " in the Noongar classification.

9.Lyon thought he could teach Yagan British ways and convert him to Christianity.

10.Yagan asked Moore whether Midgegooroo was dead or alive.

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