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English-Hindi > zanies" sentence in Hindi

zanies in a sentence

11.Then he spent some time thinking about Krens'zany idea.

12.All of this gives it a zany but very uneven feel.

13.It's alternately zany, canny, dumb, wise.

14.She's zany, funny and just a tad intimidating.

15.History has cast Lucille Ball as a zany, redheaded clown.

16.Sure, the story can be zany or irreverent or weird.

17.Like Azaria, he loves dressing up and playing zany characters.

18.It's less convoluted, more civilized yet still zany.

19.Welch bought Zany Brainy out of bankruptcy protection in September 2001.

20.Gatlin challenged Crawford to do something zany for the first round.

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