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English-Hindi > zanies" sentence in Hindi

zanies in a sentence

41.The Story of Creation is basically a zany zoological adventure.

42.But you can't buy the zany Simpson lifestyle.

43.Spiers likens it to his success with zany British television.

44.Zany team of Penn and Teller get show on f / X network

45.Gwynn has been the anchor of a franchise with a zany past.

46.Her stereotype is more of the zany girl next door.

47.Zany Brainy offers authors'readings and brings in live zoo animals.

48.They're $ 6 at Zany Brainy and FAO Schwarz stores.

49.But what does Jennifer care if our newcomer is a bit zany?

50.Expect occasional interruptions by ACME commercials and zany sound effects.

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