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English-Hindi > zanies" sentence in Hindi

zanies in a sentence

31.Zany cartoons that make them laugh-- let them be kids.

32.Customers of Zany Brainy and the other upstarts might disagree.

33.Zany is rhymed with " Citizen Kane-y ."

34.It was Zane early, and then it got zany.

35.Your zany fantastic tales were in no way topical or otherwise dated.

36.We're not talking City Council zany or Yankee Stadium stupid.

37.He lives in New York City and is surrounded by zany characters.

38.One zany spot shows a man swatting a fly with his newspaper.

39.No one can remember how the tradition of zany code names began.

40.You can play against the zany Jensen brothers on an electronic court.

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