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English-Hindi > zea" sentence in Hindi

zea in a sentence

11.Amalia Zea is among those who don't.

12.On 4 March 1827 " Zebra " became becalmed off Zea.

13."The President of Congress, Francisco Antonio Zea.

14.Resistance to Striga hermonthica in a maize inbred line derived from Zea diploperennis.

15.She shared her nomination with art director Kristi Zea.

16.It is a contributor ( with its Zea Harbour ( Piraeus, Attica ).

17.Zea however never saw the conclusion of his mission for he died shortly after.

18.Zea said that the drawers probably held jewelry, money, deeds and writing materials.

19.Zea is thought to have originated in western Mexico, far from the gulf site.

20.The vice-president Francisco Antonio Zea was deposed and replaced by Juan Bautista Arismendi.

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