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English-Hindi > zea" sentence in Hindi

zea in a sentence

21.Zea began her acting career in theatre.

22.In 1822, Francisco Antonio Zea delivered a Simon Bol�var's letter to Humboldt.

23.Colombia's defense minister, Fernando Botero Zea, said in an interview on Friday.

24.Philip Zea, the Historic Deerfield curator, said the scallop top was a popular motif.

25.Zea Flores said from Guatemala City.

26.Among the crops, said Jones, were plants in the botanical family known as Zea.

27.Zea Records dropped the raunchy " Ain't My Stuff Good Enough " in 1970.

28.Zea has written that the chests are " the quintessential trophies of Colonial times ."

29.There he met Antonio Nari�o and Francisco Antonio Zea and began to develop his ideas on liberty.

30.Zea mays samples from Cueva San Marcos and from Cueva Coxcatlan in Tehuacan neighborhood had been tested.

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