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English-Hindi > zea" sentence in Hindi

zea in a sentence

41.Zea Flores, the Guatemalan cultural official, said his country intends to seek the return of the objects.

42.Defense Minister Fernando Botero Zea vowed Wednesday in a television interview that the government will continue spraying the fields.

43."The pollen we found cannot be identified beyond the genus of Zea, " said Jones.

44."Helicoverpa zea " earns its nickname the corn earworm for its widely known destruction of cornfields.

45.Big Jim receives an unexpected visitor  Maxine ( Natalie Zea ), a business partner who created Rapture.

46.Ms . Zea, who has recurrent lower back pain, saw the swing being used at a yoga class.

47.The judge was very brave, " said Martha Zea, who fled her native Argentina 24 years ago.

48.Zea married in Madrid in 1805 to Felipa Meilhon y Montemayor, a " Henri, Count of Rigny.

49.Instead, swimmers raced in the icy cold Bay of Zea outside Athens while 40, 000 people watched on shore.

50.Zea said the arrest reminded everyone what the office looked like a year ago, right after the bomb went off.

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