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ixora sentence in Hindi

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  • They explained to the settlers that the agreements had to be cancelled as the housing estate, Desa Ixora, was ready for occupation although the settlers had yet to make the payments as agreed.
  • Aaron also stated that a Copeland reunion tour does not seem to be a possibility, however, on April 1, 2014, they have announced they are recording a new album called Ixora.
  • It features 52 guest accommodations as well as a collection of two-, three-and four-bedroom villas, Ixora Spa, world-class restaurants, three private beaches and a 55-slip marina.
  • However, the Rhododendrons are not a common plant in Sri Lanka, and the unsystematic local name seems to be " Maha-rathmal ", i . e ., " Big-Ixora ", applied to smaller varieties which are more like ornamental Azelias.
  • Though native to the tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world, its centre of diversity is in Tropical Asia . " Ixora " also grows commonly in subtropical climates in the United States, such as Florida where it is commonly known as " West Indian Jasmine ".
  • First stop : Austral ( Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia ) with its stately silver-dollar eucalyptus tree, Ixora ( jungle flame ) shrub ablaze with globes of tiny red flowers, and bronze New Zealand flax flourishing behind a low mound of blue-starred cuphea ( false heather ).
  • Other tiers include Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia ( featuring plants such as cuphea, eucalyptus, and ixora ); Indo-Asia ( lemon grass, and cinnamon, turmeric, and clove trees ); Africa ( " Bismarckia nobilis " ); and Central America ( calabash ).
  • "Once the law is passed, the commission will have the power to order about 80 of these illegal gaming venues closed, " said Deputy Ixora Rojas, co-sponsor of the bill with Celis . " And the others that are deemed fit will still have to re-apply ."
  • The African figwort genus " Hiernia " was named in his honor, as was the " Ixora hiernii " ( a tropical evergreen shrub ), the " Pavetta hierniana " ( an evergreen shrub ) and the " Coffea canephora " var hiernii ( a species of coffee plant ).
  • Several companies have availed the incubation services of IBAB, including CellWorks Group, Symbiosis Biowares, Novozymes R & D, Shodhaka Life Sciences, Ixora Biosciences, BioCOS Life Sciences, Geniron Biolabs, Microtest Innovations, MIR Life Sciences, DeNovo BioLabs, Privils, String Bio, Omix R & D Laboratories, Pentavalent, Indoor Biotechnologies, Techsicon Biotech and Plasmatech Solutions.
  • The official name " Proton Exora ", along with its tagline " Keriangan Keluarga " ( English : Family Fun ) was announced on 17 February 2009 .'Exora', which was inspired from the Ixora flower was chosen among 251, 763 entries during the " Name The Proton MPV " competition by the grand prize winner, Norsholihan Binti Abdul Eanich.
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