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jaded sentence in Hindi

"jaded" meaning in Hindi
  • Fine enough to make me believe my jade jinx was over.
  • "Jade " _ would lead us to believe.
  • Effects have become so pervasive that moviegoers may be getting jaded.
  • So are we becoming too jaded about what movies can do?
  • Jade is a little like pearls; it can dry up,
  • So is jade jewelry, from $ 5 to $ 100.
  • "I was getting jaded, " he said.
  • They say the press corps covering the political campaigns gets jaded.
  • After reading this book, even the most jaded certainly will.
  • Artifacts found here include jade, alabaster, bones and pottery.
  • Consider " Gold Jade Forests : Costa Rica ."
  • Customers become jaded once the novelty of electronic messaging wears off.
  • Many investors are jaded with anything remotely related to the Internet.
  • Milemarker : " Anaesthetic " ( Jade Tree ).
  • Bellavia likes his beans green, and he highly recommends Jade.
  • Soon the skills and lore of jade mining and carving disappeared.
  • To which a jaded viewer might say : Yeah, right.
  • -- Ms . Jade, " Girl Interrupted"
  • Southern California fans are pretty jaded when it comes to skating,
  • Not that I'm a jaded theatergoer, mind you.
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