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qed sentence in Hindi

"qed" meaning in Hindi
  • He also provided electric and rhythm guitar for their sixth studio album " QED.
  • Lita, wearing a QED ring, wheels an unconscious Janis out of the hospital.
  • QED provided a series A funding of $ 5.5 million in January 2014.
  • According to QED, California meets the national average, having 7 computers per 100 students.
  • "I couldn't believe something like QED existed in my backyard,"
  • This concept is applied in key predictions of quantum electrodynamics ( QED, see above ).
  • In QED, the electromagnetic force between two electrons is caused by an exchange of photons.
  • It is a widespread belief that both QED and theory are trivial in the continuum limit.
  • QED bought the license to officially re-produce the Twin Cam's cylinder head.
  • Mark goes to the safe where the QED is, only to find the device gone.
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