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wading sentence in Hindi

"wading" meaning in Hindi
  • For the moment, veteran Wade Wilson is in the saddle.
  • Wade Boggs, a free agent, wore it last season.
  • The Raiders and Chiefs waded knee-deep in nostalgia Sunday.
  • Who has time to wade through junk to find a bargain?
  • "Wade's going to love his,"
  • Attorneys in the case got $ 3 million, Wade said.
  • Once there were Wade Boggs and Jeff Bagwell and Scott Cooper.
  • Backup quarterback Wade Wilson has been in the league 16 years.
  • Wade's family said he did not have a gun.
  • Wade Boggs had one strike on him before receiving ball four.
  • He waded into crowds that were generally upbeat though sometimes small.
  • Japan later faded from the picture, and Korea waded in.
  • A few family members waded into the surf and tossed flowers.
  • People waded into the water and dropped roses in the surf.
  • A milestone ( Wade Boggs'2, 000th single ).
  • Now, says Wade, there's more to it.
  • Wade Boggs singled in the first inning but could not advance.
  • And they're not interested in wading into unfamiliar waters.
  • And so Wade went up and was the pillar of patience.
  • Sandy bars look capable of wading but prove to be sinkholes.
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