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zambian sentence in Hindi

"zambian" meaning in Hindi
  • It also helped to establish a short-lived Zambian WSF.
  • However, this was not always with full Zambian government support.
  • Rugby union in Zambia is administered by the Zambian Rugby Union.
  • Kaunda dominated Zambian politics until multiparty elections were held in 1991.
  • He was made Zambian captain in 1965, replacing Jackie Sewell.
  • This time, the Zambian side was coached by Martha Kapombo.
  • He is currently coaching Zambian Division 2 side Young Green Eagles.
  • Hunting is also an important part of the Zambian tourist industry.
  • The two sold Zambian copper to consumers around the world.
  • What about that double rainbow in the mist on the Zambian side?
  • The Zambian episode illustrated the kind of judgments that entails.
  • Not to mention those 10 rare Zambian orchids occupying the top shelf.
  • He won the Zambian title in his third professional bout.
  • Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda visited Jamaica in the late 1970s.
  • The amendments would require presidential candidates to be second-generation Zambians.
  • The new constitution excludes first generation Zambians from the presidency.
  • The Zambian president said there was no plan to postpone the election.
  • Zambian authorities recently arrested armed refugees who crossed the border with civilians.
  • The Zambian escorts delivered the convoy to their Tanzanian counterparts.
  • The amendment targeted at Kaunda limited the presidency to second generation Zambians.
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