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zambia sentence in Hindi

"zambia" meaning in Hindi
  • His father still lives in Zambia, vowing never to return.
  • We do say to investors : Zambia is not for sale.
  • The others made specific suggestions _ Zambia, Togo, Nigeria.
  • Children, orphaned or not, have hard lives in Zambia.
  • More aggressive Kaposi's hit Zambia and Uganda in 1982.
  • The changing political climate is another factor for companies in Zambia.
  • The former president of Zambia smiles and quietly claps his hands.
  • Regulations for river traffic are mostly ignored in remote northern Zambia.
  • Worshippers came from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia.
  • One rule bars candidates whose parents were not born in Zambia.
  • Zambia, and especially Bwalya, coped best with the conditions.
  • In the last month three bombs have gone off in Zambia.
  • Group 3 is Zambia, South Africa, Zaire and Congo.
  • Only Zambia, Malawi and Chad have offered soldiers, however.
  • Civilians were flooding across Zaire's southern border to Zambia.
  • His previous postings included Zambia, Chile, Portugal and India.
  • Forty-eight percent also knew Zambia was a former colony.
  • UNITA is also suspected of having a base in neighboring Zambia.
  • Under his presidency, Zambia was a one-party state.
  • He was originally expected to return to Zambia earlier this month.
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