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zambian sentence in Hindi

"zambian" meaning in Hindi
  • Many Zambians view these fights as confined to the political elite.
  • Most Zambians, however, are just trying to get by.
  • Most Zambians older than 30 are extremely reluctant to discuss sex.
  • But Chiluba said Zambians were committed to resolving their own problems.
  • I appeal to you fellow Zambians to unite and be resolute.
  • The amendment required presidential candidates to be born of Zambian parents.
  • Offenses of treason carry a mandatory death sentence under Zambian law.
  • The meetings were headed by Zambian presidential affairs minister Eric Silwamba.
  • The peace deal was negotiated in the Zambian capital, Lusaka.
  • The soldiers later released 83 captives but 20 Zambians remain missing.
  • In this election, Zambians chose between an unprecedented 11 candidates.
  • Under the Zambian constitution, the chief justice declares the winner.
  • In his inaugural address Mwanawasa said he would represent all Zambians.
  • Mwanawasa will replace former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba as party leader.
  • Zambian Information Minister Newstead Zimba announced on state television Friday night.
  • The Zambian government holds the remaining ten percent of the company.
  • Zambians after earlier admitting to " unacceptable " poverty.
  • Under Zambian law, the death sentence is mandatory for treason.
  • One in 11 Zambians is member of the New Apostolic Church.
  • He hoped to encourage the formation of a Zambian national identity.
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